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Our team of professional financial planners and credit specialists work with future home buyers and turn them into home owners by building their credit while they save for a home downpayment.

We are a real estate development & investment firm which invests in renovation and new build opportunities which match our client profile.

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What’s the process for a home buyer?

  1. Set up your Free Consultation appointment by phone.

  2. Receive your custom credit building and savings plan.

  3. Save every month and pay your bills on time.

  4. Reach your down payment savings goal and contact your realtor!

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I’m a mortgage officer, realtor or broker, how do I work with you?

We love working with MLO’s, Realtors, and Brokers to help our mutual clients reach their savings goal. We are happy to bring you along for a home buyer presentation as well as a participate in a direct mail effort. We are always happy to custom tailor a service to help assist our mutual clients to success.

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